Photography: Olivia Spies a Seagull

I love, love, love this photo so much. The light, the white, the lines, the title, and imagining the excitement that Olivia must have felt when she spotted the seagull up high on the rooftop – these things are what put a smile on my face when I look at this photo. Love.

Olivia Spies a Seagull

Photo by JennyJ.

Blog Spotlight: Olivia’s Everyday Musings

Olivia’s blog, Everyday Musings, is just gorgeous. She showcases beautifully her daily experiences with food, travel and photography. I’m completely hooked!




And yes – it definitely helps that Olivia’s current adventures are in France!

Thank You Desire to Inspire!

Sending out a big thank you to Jo and Kim at Desire to Inspire for featuring White Cabana on their Easter Reading Guide. Yay!


Left-Handed Girls

You Look Like the Right Type

I’m not left-handed but some of my most favourite people are. This post is for them!

Miss Moss Music Mixes

Try saying that title 10 times fast. I don’t mean to make you so silly this morning but just had to draw your attention to the music mixes over at Miss Moss. They just make my day.

download latest music here

What are you listening to these days? Any recommendations for the rest of us?

And the Award Goes to…

An award? For White Cabana? Aw. Thanks.

The Award (the original is green)

A while back Antonia of Swedish Love Affair was kind enough to award White Cabana with the Versatile Blogger award. How fun! Thanks Antonia! (Sorry it has taken so long to post this!)

To accept the award I have to do some sharing and pass on the award to others. Here we go!

Seven things about White Cabana:

1. I (Jordana) have loved white for at least 10 years now. When I decided to start my own blog I knew it had to revolve around my love of this colour (or is it a non-colour?).

2. The name White Cabana was shortlisted on a list of about ten possible blog names. The final decision came after some late night phone conversations with my (Jordana) parents, sister and blog coach, Johanne (who also created White Cabana’s first logo).

first logo

3. Johanne and Jordana met in graduate school. Surprisingly, they grew up in the same Toronto neighbourhood.

4. Johanne and Jordana share the same nick name…Jojo. Although they pronounce it differently.

The Jojos – back in the day

5. Jordana and Mackenzie are cousins. They both love fashion.

Jordana & Mackenzie

6. Jordana, Johanne & Mackenzie use Macbooks to write all White Cabana blog posts. Mackenzie was the first Macbook user and Johanne bought hers soon after. Jordana arrived (fashionably) late to the Macbook scene (August 2010 thanks to her brother-in-law).

7. We thank our parents for supporting our efforts, for being our number one fans and for offering their advice.

And the awards go to…

1. Designs by Nina
2. Luxe + Lilies
3. Lark + Linen
4. Curious Sofa
5. The Social Secretary
6. Bea-Cici
7. I Suwannee

Happy reading everyone!

Please be patient…

as I attempt a blog redesign.

Skeleton key flash drive, $58, Fred Flare



What Katie Ate

I really feel like I’m the last person to find out about What Katie Ate, a most amazing food blog based in Australia and written by the talented Katie Quinn Davies. The recipes are delicious as can be and they are complimented by beautiful photographs. This is one site that shouldn’t be missed.

Most recently, What Katie Ate published an absolutely gorgeous Christmas magazine (free for all of us to read!). It features beautiful menus, delicious recipes, and a food tour around Sydney, New York and elsewhere. Drizzled in are giveaways, gift ideas, and plenty of chocolate goodness! This issue should definitely be on your Christmas reading list!

We do love coffee art here on White Cabana and what would go well with coffee? Nutella cookies, I’d say. (My sister is probably drooling right now.)

If cranberries are more your thing – maybe you’d like to try out these macadamia beauties.

In addition to recipes, What Katie Ate featured a few chocolate shops in this issue and took us on a tour of some beautiful food stores and restaurants. Yum! Yum!

I just love how polenta is on this list of cupboard items. I thought only my family ate polenta.

Honestly – the 495 pages in this issue are stunning and well worth your time. Let me know what you think!

Happy cooking. Happy baking. Happy eating!

All images courtesy of What Katie Ate.

Hooray for Crow Watches

A white watch? Yes, please. Have a look at these beauties from Crow.

Toddy, $50, Crow Watches

Lush, $50, Crow Watches

One of my favourite blogs, hooray, is currently hosting a Crow giveaway. How great, right?

Images courtesy of Crow Watches.

Fashion in Motion is Two!

Happy 2nd anniversary to Fashion in Motion!

Fashion in Motion is two!

Thank you Johanne for bringing me on this extraordinary adventure!


Image courtesy of Silver Lining.

Blog Love: Paris Versus New York

Paris and New York, like many of our White Cabana readers, are two of our favourite vacation destinations! We love the art, architecture…and fashion! Don’t you?

Have you ever stopped to compare the two cities? The culture, the traffic, the food? Well, a new blog has come to town, the creation of Vahram Muratyan, which makes friendly comparisons, using graphic images, between Paris and New York. It’s brilliant (and stylish). We’re so happy that a white(ish) design has made its way to the Paris versus New York blog this week. Hooray!

Le journal

Have you seen the blog yet? Which image is your top choice?

Image courtesy of Paris Versus New York.

24: Overheard & Illustrated

Mark Addison Smith

Gosh I just love a good idea. Mark Addison Smith, of You Look Like the Right Type, overhears random dialogue and illustrates it within the day. How fun is that?





And the bonus – the illustrations are all in sleek black & white. Beautiful!

All images courtesy of You Look Like the Right Type.

The Friday Five: The Swissmiss Blog

Swissmiss is a blog that started in 2005 by the multi-talented “Swiss designer gone NYC” Tina Roth Eisenberg. If you haven’t already visited Swissmiss, then please let me introduce it to you by highlighting five fabulous white posts featured on this wonderful design blog this year.

One: The Moshi Moshi – an ergonomic Bluetooth handset by Frendh designer David Turpin.

The Moshi Moshi bluetooth handset, $135

Two: The Workshop office space, Brooklyn.

The Workshop office space, Brooklyn, New York

Three: The 2011 Calendar Scarf.

The 2011 Calendar Scarf, 55 Euros

Four: Made A Mano letter tiles.

Letter tiles by Made A Mano

Five: Sewing Kit wall sticker.

Sewing kit wall sticker, $57.50

Over the past decade I have spent a lot of time in Switzerland and feel quite attached to it. Swissmiss always manages to put a smile on my face when she makes references to the Swiss way of life (i.e., language, data, food). Anyone who has worked or travelled in Switzerland will understand what I mean.

On a final note, many White Cabana readers may also be interested to learn about TeuxDeux, a simple browser-based “to do” app, created by Swissmiss and Fictive Kin.

Images courtesy of Swissmiss.

Blog Love: Jojo’s Room

I don’t just love Jojo’s Room because of its name. There are so many beautiful images on this blog dedicated to children – it’s sure to inspire! Don’t forget about the little people – they deserve beautiful and engaging spaces too!

Bright whites for a child's room

Photo courtesy of Jojo’s Room. Thanks to Table Tonic for sharing this great blog find!

White Receipts: The Original

Love this pile of receipts from the cobbler.

at Tam-O-Shanter Shoe Service

Welcome to the blogosphere Michelle of Who is Bobb Parris! It’s about time we all got spoiled with your beautiful photographs!

Photo courtesy of Who is Bobb Parris.