The Friday Five: Fireplaces

White warmth.

via This is Glamorous

via Design Sponge

via Head Over Heels

via Head Over Heels

via Emmas Design Blogg


2 Comments on “The Friday Five: Fireplaces”

  1. Johanne says:

    They’re all so fantastic!

    For me, the fireplace has to work in order to be desirable. The bedroom one looks very cosy, but I think my fave is a tie between the top image (decorated with hydrangea- love!) and the 3rd, since I love that ruggedly handsome warehouse-style decor.

    And when I say ‘warehouse’, I mean as in this picture, not as some crowded & dusty retail warehouse 🙂

  2. Jordana says:

    I’m with you – I love the first one. Runner-up would be the last one. Warmth factor is key for me. I’ve seen fireplaces decorated with large pillar candles so a non-functioning fireplace could be turned into a “functioning” one. Easy as pie!

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