The Friday Five: Travel Accessories

As I’ve been travelling for the last two weeks, I thought I would devote today’s Friday Five to lovely white travel items.

1. First on the list is a beautiful travel journal. Jot down addresses of those special restaurants and sketch your beautiful surroundings in one of these lovely little books.

Leather Journal

 2. Next up is a soft sleep mask. For the flight, for the hotel…I never travel without one!

Lambie Sleep Mask, $10, My Bath House

 3. Third on the list is a go-with-everything watch.

I.D.E.A. Hexagon Watch by &Design, $70, at Unica Home

4. A camera. Of course!

Canon Camera, $199

5. A fifth fabulous travel item is a beautiful wallet to carry all your cards, currency and id.

Lincoln Road Neda Wallet, $195, Kate Spade

What are your must-haves?

Images courtesy of Lonny Magazine, Marie Claire, My Bath House, Next Tag, Unica Home, Zappos.


7 Comments on “The Friday Five: Travel Accessories”

  1. Caroline says:

    Hey Jordana,
    I love all of these items, but the journal in particular. Do you have a source for it? I don’t normally keep a journal, but I might if it were that pretty to look at.

    • Jordana says:

      Hi Caroline,

      Thanks for your positive comment!

      The journal is from Kate’s Paperie I believe but it doesn’t look like they carry it anymore. Sadly, I can’t remember the brand.
      There’s another white beauty here, from the UK: or from Amazon:
      Moleskine has done a white journal for the first time, available at Yoox:

      Keep an eye out at places like Home Sense and Winners – they’ve usually got a great selection of journals (although not always in white). Target is fab for stationery too.

      Gosh – I feel a stationery post coming on soon!

      Hope you find something fab!


  2. Leigha says:

    Oh, I am pining for a great travel journal!

    • Jordana says:

      I have a collection of Jordi Labanda journals in all sizes. I’m addicted to the fashion illustrations on the covers (not white, but still beautiful!). You can usually find them at specialty paper stores, but I did spot them even at Target last week in Denver. You can learn more here:

  3. LOVE these cool whites + that sweet sleep mask!


  4. The great topic, and very helpfully. thanks

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