Sea shells are summer

Set of two double-sided measuring spoons, $14, at Anthropologie

For those of us who count few and treasured yearly brushes with sea shores and their lapped up marvels, sea shells encapsulate all things warm, paradisaical, and escapist.

From time to time we dip into fantasies of eternal summer and stretches of hot sand and turquoise waves harbouring the lives of creatures we hardly know. If we had to sum up visions of southern climes in a singular symbol, wouldn’t the humble sea shell win the prize?

Add shells to your daily life and bring in a little bit of sun, sea shores, and summer.

Urchin terranium, $118

Tropical shell curtain with washed driftwood bamboo, 74" L x 24" W, $118

Driftwood garland, $48

Coral branch measuring spoons, $24

Urchin shell door knob, $10

Barnacle centre piece, $48

Diving whale terranium, $178

Shell candle, $36

Images courtesy of Anthropologie.


3 Comments on “Sea shells are summer”

  1. Michelle says:

    Ummm…how awesome are those measuring spoons?! I want!

  2. Brigitte says:

    I second the love for the measuring spoons! Gorgeous.

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