Spotlight on Zuo Modern

Between graduate school and blogging, I spend a lot of time at the computer. As you can imagine, a great desk chair is a must for me and so a couple of years ago I invested in the stylish and uber-comfortable Zuo Modern Nexos chair. I’ve been happy with it since the day that I bought it and I have had great experiences with the company in general.

Nexos Office Chair

I recently had a look at their catalogue and wow – gorgeous! There are so many great pieces – now all I need is a bigger apartment!

Aristocrat Armchair

Vick Alligator Embossed Leatherette Chair

Pick Pocket Ball

Novel Chair

Fractal Mirror

There are so many other great items (in colours other than white too) at Zuo Modern so have a peek if you’re in the market for some beautiful furniture.

All photos courtesy of Zuo Modern.


2 Comments on “Spotlight on Zuo Modern”

  1. Michelle says:

    Please have the armchair delivered to my apartment asap! Is that gorgeous or what? I am such a sucker for individual chucky, substantial furniture. Such great form!

    Love the rest of the pieces, too. If only I could get my office to read this blog and start an interior design revolution at work…


    • Jordana says:

      YES! An interior design revolution. LOVE IT! Get them to read the blog – and maybe if they order furniture in bulk they won’t feel so bad about spending the money. Good luck writing a very persuasive argument about this!

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