House on Wheels: The Supertramp by Lehman B

How’s this for small living? Lehman B’s Supertramp project is definitely a conversation piece.

House on wheels: The Supertramp caravan

I’ve been meaning to post this for a long while now (thanks to Claudine for sending me the link) and I think it now ties in especially well with Johanne’s recent cabana-to-go post.

The Supertramp is Lehman B’s (or shall I say Jacob Strand’s) statement project promoting social awareness and inspiring “leaner, more liveable life forms”.

The Supertramp is ready to roll

Lehman B's Supertramp: Big enough for two?

Supertramp's interior - it even has a fireplace!

The Supertramp explores the practicality of microsized living

Parking the Supertramp

From what I can tell, the Supertramp went missing at some point this summer. I guess there’s at least one other person who enjoys living in tight spaces.

What do you think?

More information and photos here and here.

Photos courtesy of CubeMe and DesignBoom.


2 Comments on “House on Wheels: The Supertramp by Lehman B”

  1. Johanne says:

    Wow! Yet another brilliant discovery- and you know how I feel about cabanas on wheels 😉

    I heart the Supertramp! I hope its owner finds it soon.

  2. Jordana says:

    I’ll try and keep tabs on the situation. The Supertramp is pretty cool but I don’t think it’d survive a Canadian winter. I mean, it would definitely need snow tires, right?

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