Two white stools

I just love these two stools, great for everything from piling up the newspaper as you leaf through it on a Saturday to being that extra seat when the loveseat’s taken at the party.

Ceramic white stool, crackle finish, at Elte in Toronto

Ceramic white stool, crackle finish, at Elte in Toronto

Images courtesy of Elte.


8 Comments on “Two white stools”

  1. Jordana says:

    1. Place a pillow on it and it’s comfortable foot stool.
    2. Perfect place to rest a martini at a party.
    3. Great for a stylish kid’s room too.

  2. Both these stools are great!

  3. I have a similar stool to the second one in my living room. I love them! Except, when my son was learning to walk, we had a couple of accidents!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog post the other day. I love your blog! I’m usually a colour girl, so I am really enjoying the white look! I am debating a white, slipcovered sofa down the road. Maybe you’ll seal the deal for me?? Ha ha.

  4. That first one is so unique, love it!

    • Johanne says:

      Thank you for your comment! I agree- the stool really looks great and would easily work in a children’s room just as well as a chic entrance hall or cozy living room.

  5. My name is Andrew Metrick. My great grandfather started Elte in 1919 so that makes my brother and I the fourth generation of our family to be working in the business. I just wanted to thank you for highlighting some of our products in your blog. Please be sure to ask for me the next time you’re at Elte or Ginger’s as I’d be happy to come and say hello. Anyway, thanks once again. It’s a terrific blog. Keep it up.

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