The Friday Five: Nightstands

What do you look for in a nightstand? Personally, I need a drawer or two and a good size surface area for a lamp, books, alarm clock, and a select crystal or silver accessory. Here are five nightstands that fit my requirements:

1. This affordable nightstand from Ikea has a good size drawer and the shelf is perfect for holding stacks of magazines or books.

Hemnes Nightstand $79.99CAD, Ikea

2. Ikea’s MALM nightstand is clean and simple. Clutter stays hidden with this piece.

MALM $69.99CAD, Ikea

3. This West Elm nightstand is almost an exact replica of one of my vintage nightstands. The drawer is large, there’s a good size surface area and the closed off shelf means your books and things won’t fall onto the floor.

Narrow-Leg nightstand, $249, West Elm

4. I adore these vintage oval nightstands. I love the shape, simplicity, and uniqueness of these pieces.

Vintage nightstands, C. Bell at 1stdibs

5. I’m saving the best for last. Aren’t these vintage Lucite nightstands gorgeous? They fit all of my requirements and would definitely add interest to any bedroom.

Vintage Lucite nightstands, Tom Thomas at 1stdibs

What do you look for in a nightstand?

To browse a wide selection of traditional and modern nightstands click here.

Images courtesy of 1stdibs, Ikea, Pottery Barn, & West Elm.


6 Comments on “The Friday Five: Nightstands”

  1. Michelle says:

    Ohhh I do love the pair that are second from the bottom.

    (I’ve been a bit delinquent – sorry!!)


  2. Jordana says:

    The oval ones…I know…how unique, right?

  3. shannon says:

    I have the Hemnes nightstands in white and I love them! The drawers hold more than you’d think. I also think those oval nightstands are very funky!

  4. Ohh, I love the Hemnes one. If I was in the market for a nightstand, that’s the one I’d buy. Usually I just end up stacking things on top of one another on a chair until they fall over. Not very fashionista of me, I know.

    • Jordana says:

      Ha ha. Thanks for your honest comment Kate! Chairs can be interesting nightstands…but I think one of these would be more functional for you.

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