Personalized Gift Idea: Paper Cut Art

If you subscribe to GOOP then you’ve probably already been amazed by Lori Danielle‘s amazing paper cut fingerprints. I know I am!

Paper cut personalized fingerprints by Lori Danielle

Image courtesy of Lori Danielle.


4 Comments on “Personalized Gift Idea: Paper Cut Art”

    • Jordana says:

      Agreed. It’s a beautiful gift and an absolutely amazing piece of art. I appreciate the skill that goes into crafting each and every one of these.

  1. shannon says:

    These fingerprints are such a good idea…although, your hand would most definitely be a claw after cutting it out with an exacto knife!

    • Jordana says:

      Ha ha ha. We’ve had a bit of experience with paper cutting, haven’t we Shannon? Oh – the claw hand. A horrible side-effect of paper cutting. Does everyone get this or just us? Maybe we needed more breaks when we were working on our last Scherenshnitte project.

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