Gift Guide: For Kids

I’m having so much fun looking for gifts for children this year (probably because so many friends and family members have had babies in 2010). Here are some cute options for the little ones in your life.

Armstrong the Spaceman, 14 GBP, The White Company

My Little Rocking Horse, 65 GBP, The White Company

White football team, 7.95 GBP, Muji

White leather bootees, 62 Euro, Smallable

Anne-Claire petit rattle, $19, Smallable

Playsam white streamliner car, $52, Smallable

Kidsonroof rocket small house, $57, Smallable

Images via Muji (football team), Smallable, The White Company (Spaceman), The White Company (Horse).

Many thanks to Michelle for introducing me to The White Company. I need to plan a trip to London!


2 Comments on “Gift Guide: For Kids”

  1. how sweet! I’m especially loving the wee shoes — they are so dainty and so pretty, I must say šŸ™‚

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