Deep Design

Post by Johanne

Deep Design hard at work. The Bluebell prototype floor lamp takes its name from the plant it so perfectly embodies.

In case you missed it when you were traveling in Milan last year, lucky for you, we have images of the deepdesign exhibit at the Triennale Design Museum in Italy.

The fascinating exposition is about “l’anima sensibile delle cose” (“the sensible soul of things”) and showcases six objects and an assortment of photos featuring the innovative creations by Matteo Bazzicalupo and Raffaella Mangiarotti of the Milanese design agency Deep Design.

The show’s press release explains the design duo’s philosophy and approach to commercial and industrial design: “Taking as their model the dynamics of the natural world, deepdesign’s research aims to harmonize functional complexity and formal organicism to achieve a pure one economy of the shape.”

Here’s a sampler of the Milanese exhibit:


Deep Design duo Matteo Bazzicalupo and Raffaella Mangiarotti with the Dandelion lamp: a thin stalk topped with dandelion-like seed puffs, light as air.


The Flexica is designed to be able to slide under low-lying furniture in the home- unlike many electric vacuum appliances that simply don't fit. The reality of our furnishings is that there isn't a lot of space underneath our chairs, recliners, and love-seats and somehow, other vacuums on the market fail to address this challenge.

Deep Design's Flexica


The Pulse washing vessel is Deep Design's washing machine prototype based on the concept of centripetal force. The vessel is designed to keep air and water in continuous flow, and with the help of various membranes and pressure changes, the laundry gets done. When the device is in use, a light icon is activated via electroluminescence.

Flat Piano

The Flat Piano addresses that interior design question of where to keep the space-greedy but beautiful grand piano in today's smaller homes. Deep Design suggests an alternative to the dining room or work table: an electronic keyboard that runs under a large glossy white top with an electronic device that acts as its sound board. When not being played it becomes a work or dining table. With built-in amplifiers meticulously designed to evenly deliver 3D sound across the surface of the table, it's practical without compromising sound quality.


Deep Design's prototype hair dryer is designed to address the hairdresser's uncomfortable posture from using typical hair dryers. Its double airflow, L-shape and redesigned internal components are also intended to direct the airflow directly at the hair for better styling while also reducing the strain on the hairdresser's arm from twisting the typical hair dryer into a 90 degree position.

Images and more information about the Deep Design exhibit prototypes can be found at Plus Mood. For more information about the Triennale Design Museum in Milan, we suggest visiting the Museum website.


2 Comments on “Deep Design”

  1. Jordana says:

    Thanks for bringing this to White Cabana Johanne. I’d love to have seen the exhibit in person but this has got to be the next best thing! And you know, I’d absolutely love to test out the Flexica vacuum. Vacuuming is the chore I hate the most. My current apartment has wall-to-wall carpet which is comfortable for my feet but definitely not worth the effort. I miss hardwood floors!

  2. Antonia says:

    Unfortunately, I haven’t been traveling in Milan this past year, but I do spend a lot of time in Rome every year and i must say I’ve seen this Dandelion lamp everywhere! Of course, i didn’t know the names behind it, but I’ve always liked it<3

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