Forged Artistry: Architectural Ironwork

Forged Artistry, based in New York, makes hand-crafted iron gates, railings, doors, etc. in styles ranging from neo-classic to realist. The Forged Artistry portfolio is chock-full of beautiful iron work. I am happy to feature some of their work in white spaces here.

All images courtesy of Forged Artistry.


2 Comments on “Forged Artistry: Architectural Ironwork”

  1. Beautiful. It’s funny. Seems most people have to reach a certain level of maturity before an appreciation for wrought iron develops. Have you noticed that? I just love the ironwork outside the windows.

    • Jordana says:

      Whenever I think of wrought iron, I think of Paris. For this reason, I think I’ve always been a fan. Hmm…but you’ve made me think about this. I have to ask around and see what others think. Thanks Edwina!

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