Bouroullec album

Bouroullec brothers Ronan and Erwan feature show in Bordeaux, France, until March 27, 2011

Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec are France’s hottest young designers right now.

With commissions to design for Alessi and Vitra, the brothers have made quite a name for themselves over the years. Their fun and -dare we say ‘organic’- take on furniture is light-hearted and modern.

album is the Bouroullec brothers’ first exhibition in France as a duo and is currently on show in Bordeaux at the Arc en rêve d’architecture until March 27, 2011. The exposition is a glimpse into the creative process leading up to today and inspiring what the future may bring from these two.

“Arranged thematically in six exhibition areas, album presents around 800 framed pieces – from documents and inspirational drawings to archive photographs – referencing everything from industrial product design to architecture.

“A key aim was to present the documents on one level, regardless of their content or the work they may relate to, and as such each visual is framed in exactly the same way regardless of whether the subject is a sketch for an item of furniture or a photograph of a finished building. The whole effect is both a unified and multi-faceted look at all the projects and approaches that coexist at any one time in their studio.”

You may not instantly remember the Bouroullec brothers’ work and to help jog your memory, we thought you’d probably remember seeing this 2008 Vegetal Chair that the duo designed for Vitra (which received much acclaim and press since its inception):


3 Comments on “Bouroullec album”

  1. Jordana says:

    Johanne – you always bring us to exciting places. Love this feature on Bouroullec. And you know I have a soft spot for Bordeaux…and everything french! 🙂

  2. Johanne says:

    I wrote this post and thought, Oh how exciting- Jordana will be doubly excited because the exhibit is in Bordeaux-!

    Gosh I sure do know how to score brownie points, don’t I? 😉

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