The Maskros at IKEA

I have loved the Maskros light fixture ever since it made its debut at IKEA. I don’t have a space that’s large enough for it and I haven’t seen it in anyone else’s home…until now.

The Maskros (photo by Jordana)

A friend hung it in her kid’s room – high ceilings, loft-like space – and it looks amazing. The shadows it casts are quite cool too. We had a whole conversation about what to name the shadows on the walls…spiders, snowflakes, stars, flowers. Oh, the fun!

p.s. Maskros, in case anyone wants to know, means dandelion. Of course!


2 Comments on “The Maskros at IKEA”

  1. Silvia says:

    I saw this lovely fixture at Ikea yesterday and I was admiring it’s pretty and delicate design. I was thinking of a spot where it would look really pretty. Sure enough, your friend picked the right place by placing it in a children’s room. I’m sure it suits the space perfectly!

    • Jordana says:

      Thanks for your comment Silvia – you’re absolutely right – this fixture suited my friend’s child’s room perfectly! Putting it together did sound like a challenge though…it’s quite the process and patience is required.

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