Touchy-Feely Tiles: Sensory Conversations

Founded in 2006 by architects Stephanie Davidson and George Rafailidis, Touchy-Feely, is a design and consultancy firm interested on the ways our bodies interact with the architectural surfaces around us. The architects’ designs encourage physical interaction with the built environment.

Touchy-Feely’s found space tiles, relief forms taken from people leaning against walls, is one of their most recognized design projects. These ceramic wall tiles are designed in posture-specific clusters of two or more but can also be integrated into standard tiled surfaces. As Davidson and Rafailidis say, these are tiles that “reach out” to be touched.

found space tiles

Trigger points, another Touchy-Feely project, are heated wall surface elements. Why? For self-massage, of course! Again, this project encourages physical interaction between body and building.

trigger points

Touchy-Feely offers a complete service package – everything from design conception to planning to realization. For more information click here.


One Comment on “Touchy-Feely Tiles: Sensory Conversations”

  1. Johanne says:

    This is truly inspired design with a twist! I love the concept and it’s beautifully rendered in the tiles and touch points.

    Great feature post, Jordana!

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