What we saw today

by Johanne

This Wednesday we’d like to acquaint you with What I Saw Today, a fascinating peek into what designer and illustrator Richard Haines sees every day on the streets of New York City.

You will surely recognize Richard’s hand: he is an illustrator currently working with clients J.Crew and In Style magazine, among others.

Here we’ll feature but a handful of his black & white sketches from his recent sightings at New York Fashion Week. We highly recommend skipping over to Richard’s site and checking out more of his B&W and colourful sketches.

Below, we’ve ‘named’ each illustration with the name of the blog post and any text that accompanies it as it appears on Richard’s blog.

Katrina takes some photos…

I sketch her.

Aubin checks his texts…

and life goes on.

Observations @ Patrik Ervell: Thick Sole Boat Shoes, Jumpsuits…

Malcom McLaren, Arena Looks.

Visited Kelly Armendariz @ Splatterpool Artspace The Other Day…

Check out all the cool stuff they have going on here:

All images courtesy of What I Saw Today by Richard Haines.

Thank you to my friend David for introducing me to Richard’s beautiful world.


2 Comments on “What we saw today”

  1. designerman says:

    what a lovely surprise to find on a rainy ny morning. thank you so much! really great finding your blog as well-beautiful!

    • Johanne says:

      Richard, thank you so much for stopping by and commenting on this wee post.

      Your work is beautiful, inspiring and a tall glass of awesomesauce in this dizzying city life. Thank you for doing what you do and sharing it with people like us; we love to watch, too.

      So happy to discover you via a good friend of mine, David Taylor, Associate Creative Director of Design at Taxi Canada (www.taxi.ca). David has a very keen eye :).

      Hope this wonderful fog delivers many happy surprises on this Wednesday,

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