Scherenschnitte: Scissor Cuts

I received such a nice card in the mail a little while ago (thanks Shannon). Isn’t it pretty? I love how the orange pops through the background.

I also recently received this paper cut wedding invite (thanks Celina & Wojciech).

These cards reminds me of a some paper cutting artwork that my friend Shannon and I attempted a couple of years ago. We made these pieces (not our original designs) after many hours of drawing and cutting.

Scherenschnitte by Shannon & Jordana; photos by Jordana

Shannon and I always use the word Scherenschnitte, which means scissor cuts in German, to refer to the art of paper cutting because it was while living in Switzerland that we first learned about and attempted it ourselves. Although neither one of us have done any more Scherenschnitte, we do have a great appreciation for those that do as we learned that this art form takes precision, creativity, and a lot of patience.

4 Comments on “Scherenschnitte: Scissor Cuts”

  1. hotelswelove says:

    Nice, if you’re into paper cut-outs, you might be interested in this french artist:

  2. Shannon says:

    You’re right, Jordana, I have not attempted another Scherenschnitte since the summer of 2009. We had claws for hands after we were finished! Celina – your wedding invitations are beautiful!

    • Jordana says:

      Yeah – I’m thinking Scherenschnitte artists really take some time for hand massages too. Our fingers could barely move after our art session – perhaps we needed to take more breaks!

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