Fredericton, NB: Gallery 78

While in Fredericton last week I was able to visit Gallery 78.

Situated in historic downtown Fredericton, Gallery 78 presents major solo and group exhibitions of local artists throughout the year. The building itself is stunning. The 19th century mansion has a corner turret, decorative shingles, beautiful stained glass windows and overlooks the Saint John river. And then there’s the inside…

Of course, I was most interested in all the white pieces at Gallery 78 and so, in anticipation of my visit, the Gallery 78 crew set up one room in the gallery as a white room – paintings, sculptures, furniture and jewelry all in white. It was so pretty!

Toby, Darren Emeneau

Stallion #9, Catherine Linfield

Joanne Hunt

Joanne Hunt

Joanne Hunt

Queen, Ann Balch

White Azalea, Molly Lamb Bobak

I was so happy to see beautiful white flowers, including the most fragrant lilacs, displayed throughout the gallery.

Photos by Jordana.

Many thanks to Stacey at Tourism Fredericton for arranging this visit.

View some of Fredericton’s architecture here.

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