Party Pieces

I wonder how business has changed for the Middletons, owners of Party Pieces, since their daughter Kate became the Duchess of Cambridge.

Ivory lace cupcake wrapper, 5.99GPB pkt 12

white lace paper bunting, 6.99GPB

butterfly wedding wishes, 17.99GBP pkt 54

eco-friendly sky lantern, 3.49GBP

masquerade party masks, 3.99GBP pkt 6

I have a feeling business has improved.


6 Comments on “Party Pieces”

  1. Silvia says:

    Some very intersting and pretty decorations. Are they available in Canada?

  2. modmissy says:

    Hi Jordana – we met at Canadian Design Bloggers event. Your blog is beautiful. White is so pure and calming. Definitely now on my list of ‘Favourites’.

    • Jordana says:

      Of course! How could I forget the seat we shared during Tommy’s presentation? Thanks for stopping by! Have you given any more thought to a possible cottage paint job?

  3. That sky lantern is absolutely enchanting! Useless and beautiful, love things like that.

    • Jordana says:

      Isn’t it cool? I’ve never actually seen one before in my life. Leave it to the Middletons to have awesome party supplies. Hopefully the Queen approves!

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