White ash

We noticed that white ash is making quite a splash this fall in the new designer collection lineups.

The white ash tree, also known as the American Ash, grows widely from south eastern Canada, throughout the eastern United States all the way down to Florida. You’ve probably seen it growing in parks in Ontario or Quebec and didn’t realize that not only is this tree thriving, but its strength properties make it an ideal choice for everyday items such as baseball bats, flooring, tool handles and furniture.

The White Ash tree (in B&W), also known as American Ash. Read more here

White ash bark

Today’s feature furniture pieces are good ol’ classics that never looked softer: we’re coveting the Eames lounge chair and ottoman in white ash, as well as the timeless Noguchi table:

Eames Louge chair and ottoman in white ash wood and pearl leather, $5,729 at Design Within Reach

Noguchi table in white ash, $1,489 at Design Within Reach

Special thanks to White Cabana reader Eric for the story idea.


3 Comments on “White ash”

  1. Jordana says:

    You featured two items that I’ve had on my dream wish list for quite some time. I like the ash (would be perfect for my future dream beach house perhaps) but I think i’d go for the classic dark wood for these pieces. Nevermind….I like them in ash. A lot!

  2. Johanne says:

    I love these pieces, too- glad you liked them in white ash.

    It’s nice to brush up on our tree identification, no? It seems essential to me that we should know our trees yet we never learned them in school- so why not here on White Cabana? 😉


    • Jordana says:

      I live in London, Ontario – it’s called the Forest City because of all the trees we have here. I hate to admit it but I really need to brush up on my tree identification skills. Thanks for the close-up photo of the white ash bark!

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