Marketplace: Chapters Indigo at Home

I’m at Chapters at least once a week and over the last few months I’ve really noticed an increase in the quality of products for the home. Is anyone else impressed with the home wares at this Canadian bookstore?

Sicura small owl white lacquer bookends, $29.50

Karlsson white alarm clock, $64.99

Indigo reading lamp, $99.50

Indigo The End bookends, $29.50

Indigo small white lacquer box, $15

Voluspa truffle white candle, $16.50

Rumba watch, $25


2 Comments on “Marketplace: Chapters Indigo at Home”

  1. Johanne says:

    I certainly am! I always like to see what they’ve brought it and there are often a few surprises in the mix. Lots of white this fall!

    • Jordana says:

      TONS of white this fall. A friend of mine mentioned the lacquer boxes just the other day. The Chapters Indigo home collection is the talk of the town! 🙂

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