Interiors: Guest Bedrooms

When designing a guest bedroom, what do your prefer – one bed or two?

source unknown

via Houzz

Geoffrey Beene’s guest room, Veranda

via Haus Interior

via Houzz


5 Comments on “Interiors: Guest Bedrooms”

  1. Beautiful bedrooms! Just looking at the photographs is relaxing. Love the purity of white!

  2. Johanne says:

    Lovely. Although two may be more practical for a guest room, I do love a big bed!

    • Jordana says:

      I hear ya! So…how do you feel about crashing on a friend’s couch? 🙂

      • Johanne says:

        Um, *not* a fan of crashing on a friend’s couch-! I heartiliy believe that couches are fine if you’re under 10 years old since the body doesn’t even feel pain at that age. Otherwise, adults need a lot of alcohol to survive a night of cushions. Just sayin.
        -J 😉

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