Art & Food: ‘wichcraft

Has anyone been to ‘wichcraft in NYC?

On my last visit to the city this summer my sister and I each had the BLT and it was delicious (although we thought it should have come on a bigger plate and cut in half). Unfortunately I don’t have a photo of the BLT, but I do have a photo of the fun piece of art that hung at the top of the stairs (at the Flatiron location if I remember correctly).

art at ‘wichcraft, photo by Jordana

A 24-cup muffin tin. Does one of these really exist?

5 Comments on “Art & Food: ‘wichcraft”

  1. I’ve never seen one…but it is brilliant! (maybe heavy)

  2. Ed says:

    There are several lovely kitchen images upstairs there.. I would love to know who the artist is.. They have an additional level too, as each one hides a New York City scene, caught in the reflection… quite wonderful. If anyone knows the artist….??

    • Jordana says:

      I’ve sent ‘wichcraft an email and will report back once I hear any news! Thanks for your comment Ed!

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