Books: Brilliant by Linda O’Keeffe

Yes, yes, we all know I read a lot of books – my day job requires it of course! But the book that recently came my way, Brilliant: White in Design by Linda O’Keeffe, is really one that deserves a lot of attention. Especially for anyone who loves white – ahem, ahem – as much as I do!

In a nutshell: It all begins and ends with white.

Linda O’Keeffe has filled over 220 pages with gorgeous photographs of white objects, interiors and exteriors from around the world. White is explored in design as being radiant, pure, seductive, lucid, harmonious, neutral, thoughtful and natural. Is there really any reason to love any other colour?

Just look at these images. Do they not evoke calmness, purity, harmony, and beauty?

Linda O’Keeffe’s Brilliant was published on October 25th, 2011 by The Monacelli Press.

Many thanks to Rachel at BDE for arranging for me to preview this book.


One Comment on “Books: Brilliant by Linda O’Keeffe”

  1. Johanne says:

    Wow! sounds so perfect.

    .. although I think you should make your own book 🙂


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