Interiors: Living Rooms

There are so many gorgeous white spaces out there and in each there’s an element or two that I’d love to have in my own home one day.

One: Love this couch and the white tulips – yes please!

via Elements of Style

Two: Love the structured furniture and the natural stone coffee table.

via Greige

Three: The Barcelona chair is one of my favourite pieces.

via Nordic Design

Three: The frame as a focal point. Very nice.

via The Grower’s Daughter

Four: An impressive chandelier (but I’m not so sure about the fireplace placement).

via Design Blog

What do you think? What’s your favourite living room? Favourite element?


5 Comments on “Interiors: Living Rooms”

  1. Cathy says:

    Elements of Style…. but most of them where great.

  2. I think if you mixed elements from each of these, you’d have one impressive white room. I do love the Barcelona chair, the floral arrangements and potted plants of image #1 and the white chandelier. Having the right room would also help – that is, huge windows!

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