Fashion: +J (the end)

If I was in New York this weekend, my top shopping priority would be to head (back) to Uniqlo to snap up the last pieces of Jil Sander‘s final +J collection.

The German minimalist designer has done two annual collections for the Asian clothing superstore and the parting was said to be mutual.
While the practice of super-high end fashion designers doing collections for mass-market retailers has become commonplace, +J was noted for its exceptional quality at an amazing price point.
I’ll gladly vouch for +J; the cuts and the fabrics are impressive and affordable. The winter coats are chic and look like they cost $1,500 while most are under $300…if not further marked down for Black Friday. (As I write this I’m wearing the men’s fuzzy black cardigan)

Allegedly, Uniqlo will be opening in Canada at Toronto’s Yorkdale Mall…

Uniqlo +J for Women

Uniqlo +J for Men

shawl collar knitted jacket, $59.90

Dear Readers: Do not adjust your computer screens. Troy is taking over White Cabana this week and, as you can see, he’s really shaken things up around here! Enjoy. – Jordana

2 Comments on “Fashion: +J (the end)”

  1. Jordana says:

    Now…when is Uniqlo going to come to Canada?

  2. Jürg says:

    Is the collection in US only? Going to Paris this weekend and definitely will have a snap… Love the +J for men and women 😉 Hugs, J

    PS: Love your and caviar20’s black posts!

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