Holiday: Urban Barn Ornaments

Holidays are a-comin’. Is your tree decorated yet? If you’re looking for some extra sparkle & shine, perhaps you might consider some of the ornaments up for grabs at Urban Barn.

feather ornament, $3

horn ornament, $5

silver key curve ornament, $4.50

acrylic bird, $4

glitter duck ornament, $3


5 Comments on “Holiday: Urban Barn Ornaments”

  1. Jordana says:

    p.s. I have the horn ornaments (which are much too large for my 2′ artificial tree) so I used a red ribbon to tie them on a couple of the doorknobs around my place. They look great, if I do say so myself!

  2. I haven’t been in to browse Urban Barn in a while… these are so pretty and def a good reason to visit:)

  3. Gorgeous – these decorations make me excited to finally buy a tree!

    • Jordana says:

      I wish I could have a real one (I love the smell) but building rules against it. My mini tree is so sweet but the ornaments are getting a bit over crowded.

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