20 Below: The Public Library

It has been one year since Nonno, my grandfather, passed away after living a very long and healthy life. One of Nonno’s favourite things to do was to go the library (St. Clair branch) to pick up the latest issues of Oggi and Gente. He always spoke so proudly of the librarians who helped him and of the things he got to read for free.

Today I’m encouraging you all to get a library card (or renew yours), to visit the library, to take a child to the library, and/or to donate $20 (or more) to your local public library.

membership to your local public library, free

It makes me so angry when I learn about libraries shutting down, denied funding, and being inaccessible. This is one resource that I don’t think we can afford to lose.

To donate:

London Public Library

Toronto Public Library

Kingston Frontenac Public Library

New York Public Library

Please leave direct links to your local public library in the comments section. Thank you.


3 Comments on “20 Below: The Public Library”

  1. We were at the library yesterday…it was our first time in 4 months! We went weekly when I was still pregnant….

    I love the library!

    • Jordana says:

      Weekly visits to the library – what a treat! I’m glad to hear you’re a fan Shannon! Does your local library have kiddie time? Is it easy to access with the double stroller?
      My sister’s local library in NYC won’t let her use the elevator with the double stroller – it makes us so sad!

  2. Silvia says:

    What a lovely way to remember your nonno’s anniversary.
    When my children were young I used to take them to the library quite regularly. As a result they have developed a true love for reading and they belong to several book clubs.

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