Technology: My New iPhone

Well – I had a very exciting weekend! Let me introduce you to my new toy…

I really don’t know what has taken me so long to get on the iPhone bandwagon. I have been a fan of Apple for quite some time and my MacBook, Apple TV, and iPod have served me well over the last several years. So you can understand how happy I am now that I have added a white iPhone to my collection.

So – I’m curious to know what apps other iPhone users are using. Right now I’m not so much interested in games and such as I am in useful apps. So far I’ve been putting Instagram (follow me at WhiteCabana), Remote, and Viber to good use. What else should I be using?

Photos by Jordana.

4 Comments on “Technology: My New iPhone”

  1. Catherine Vandepitte says:

    Hi Jordana,
    pretty new myself in the world of Apps, but “whats app”, “Camera +”, “skype” and “evernote” can be very uselful.
    By the way, love WhiteCabana!

    • Jordana says:

      Hi Catherine,

      It always amazes me that you continue to support my blogging efforts! Really. Thank you so much! I know how busy you are and it means a lot that you continue to check in and comment. Merci!

      I’ve never heard of Whats App and Camera+ so I’ll definitely be googling them. Evernote seems worthwhile so I’ll download it right away. Seems like it could be useful for both my blogging and PhD worlds.

      Have you downloaded Viber? I’ve been using it daily to keep in touch with Team NYC!

      Happy travels!


  2. Johanne says:

    Congrats! Your new iPhone looks beautiful!

    I’ve been having fun lately playing Draw Something (the free version) – it’s playing pictionary with your friends..

    As for useful apps, I use WordPress, iPeriod, CBC radio, SeaChoice, CinemaClock, TO bike map, and others that I don’t use as often, like Translate and Urbanspoon.

    Have fun! Hope you’re enjoying your new toy!

    • Jordana says:

      I’m so excited to have this new gadget in my life. I’ve been playing around with camera apps – camera+, instagram, cinemagram – over the last few days. And Viber has served me well too. Thanks for the additional recommendations Johanne! I’ll look into them immediately!

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