The Friday Five: Knobs

Okay. Does anyone else go into Anthropologie, browse through all the knobs, fall in love with half of them, want to buy a bunch, then wonder what the heck to use them for, and walk out of the store empty handed? This is what happens to me. Every. Single. Time.

black & white stripe knob, $8

deco block knob, $10

squirrel knob, $10

linen flower knob, $12

molten spectrum knob, $8

The knobs are so pretty but I really have no use for them. Do you?

Images via Anthropologie.

4 Comments on “The Friday Five: Knobs”

  1. Shannon says:

    My brother and I were at an Orchard a couple weeks ago and they had old doors/pieces of wood made into shelves with different knobs as hooks. They were really cool (and not cheap, either – we discussed making it ourselves).

    • Jordana says:

      Hmm…you’ve got me now thinking about massive door knobs! Like brass door knobs that they have in France!

      I think the little glass knobs from Anthropologie would be great for a tea towel in the kitchen. But how could you limit yourself to just one???

  2. Jordana says:

    These great ideas came in from Shannon ( via Twitter:
    – coat hooks
    – jewelry hangers
    – bowl full on a table just for bling
    – art – like a big mosaic

    And since it might be hard to limit oneself when purchasing these beauties, she suggested to change the knobs as per the season…or every month!

    Personally I think the bowl full could look kind of cool. Like jewels for the coffee table.

    Thanks Shannon!


  3. Jeni Johnson says:

    Love them!

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