The Friday Five: Outdoor Showers

Before we all head off to enjoy the weekend I thought I would end the week with some gorgeous outdoor spaces. They all have one major thing in common – a shower!

Illico Design via Desire to Inspire

Marie Claire Maison via Oceania Island Living

via Remodelista

via Country Home

via House & Home

What do you think? Would you make use of an outdoor shower? Perhaps you already have one at your home or cottage. Do tell!

Have a wonderful weekend!


One Comment on “The Friday Five: Outdoor Showers”

  1. Johanne says:

    Lovely! I love an outdoor shower. Before we had showered plumbing at our cottage, it was the outdoor shower we used, but nothing fancy like this. We’d fill up a huge bucket of water and then open the nozzle underneath it to get water to shower us. And it was full-on winter: we’re talking -25 degrees!! Yes! So we didn’t spend any amount of time lounging out there, it was a quick run in a towel from the cottage to the spot- completely open to the forest. Quite beautiful but chilly if you weren’t right under that stream of hot water!
    Thanks for posting these pics, reminds me of good memories!

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