Interiors: Kitchen Renovation. The Progress.

Way back in February my parents began a major renovation of their main floor. They tore out the floor, the powder room, the laundry room, the kitchen, and the family room. And then they put it back together again (with the help of a few very talented people). I’m happy to report that the renovation is almost – almost – done! And it is gorgeous (I’m not just saying that because it’s white, either). Here is a sneak peek of some of the details.

kitchen cabinets (wood with dovetail construction) – Parada Kitchens

kitchen cabinets – Parada Kitchens; Wolf stove ready to be assembled; counter ready to be installed

Sub-Zero fridge – ready to be unpeeled

a sweet vintage crystal chandelier (you won’t believe the deal my mom got on this one!)

fireplace mantel with carrera marble surround

fireplace mantel detail

Note: If you’re in the Toronto area and you’re looking for a kitchen cabinet maker my parents definitely recommend Parada Kitchens. My mom, who is very particular about quality, craftsmanship, work ethic and design (among other things – sorry Mom but it’s true), was quite impressed with Parada. (And no – they did not get a deal on their kitchen because I just wrote all of this.)

Photos by me.

6 Comments on “Interiors: Kitchen Renovation. The Progress.”

  1. Shannon Youmelle says:

    I can’t wait to see it when it’s all finished!!! I LOVE that chandelier – it’s gorgeous! Your mom finds all the good deals! 🙂

    • Jordana says:

      Oh – you don’t even know the half of it! I need to write a post dedicated to all the things she’s found. I’m trying to convince her to go into the “you want it, I’ll find it for you” business. Her skills are incredible! I’m trying to learn from her but I can’t quite make it to her level. It’s a gift.

  2. Silvia Del Rosso says:

    Rennovations look gorgeous!
    I can’t wait to see all the fine details.
    Your mom did a “super-duper” job with the

    • Jordana says:

      The transformation is unbelievable. You’ll be amazed once you see it in person too!
      And just so everyone knows – while my parents have definitely put in a lot of hard work on this kitchen – countless emails, photos, blog links, shop visits, and phone calls have been passed between the family. One day I’ll share stories of our visits to marble slab factories and random appliance stores across the GTA. Oh – and I must not forget to tell you about how I had to guard 10 dining chairs at a contents sale – do you know how hard it is to spread your body across 10 chairs? But mom wanted them and I did my part to help her get them. Oh man.

  3. Johanne says:

    Jordana you are such a dutiful daughter-! That chair score must be as good as that chandelier- lovely to say the least! What a big reno this is- I’m sure your family will enjoy it once it’s done- so soon! Very excited to see all the details, thank you for the sneak peek!

  4. Silvia Del Rosso says:

    I would have loved to see you spreading your body
    across 10 dining chairs. Hilarious, Jordana.
    I’m sure youre all going to enjoy sitting around the
    table together and chatting about the “adventures of

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