The Friday Five: Mugs

Do you have set criteria for the mugs you use? Do they all match? Or are they random? Does size matter? Colour? Shape? My mugs have one thing in common – they’re white (or mostly white). Surprised?

white and black J mug from Anthropologie

white and black J mug from Chapters Indigo (thanks Shannon!)

white mug from GlucksteinHome (thanks GH Team!)

black and white mug from Gstaad (featuring a scherenschnitte design)

black and white mug from Beauty’s in Montreal

I hope you all enjoy a cup of coffee (or tea!) in the summer sunshine this weekend. Enjoy!

Note: You can see I’ve been enjoying many meals and tea breaks on my balcony except for one day when it was raining.

Photos by me.

6 Comments on “The Friday Five: Mugs”

  1. Shannon Youmelle says:

    I have the mugs that came with my set of dishes; however, I generally use the mugs I’ve collected on my travels or from friends (Thanks Jordana!). Whenever a mug catches my eye (design, shape, colour), I’ll pick it up.

    • Jordana says:

      Yeah – it is really nice to get a mug from different places, isn’t it? My five above come from: New York City, Ottawa, Toronto, Gstaad & Montreal. It’s an international set. 🙂

  2. pernillenkl says:

    I have a couple of mug sets that are used for when we have guests, because it’s nice when things match.
    But for myself I always have different mugs that mean something to me, I always ask for people (my boyfriend, brother, etc.) to bring back a cup when they travel somewhere, and I pick up different cups when I’m out and about, so when I use a mug, it brings out memories – and if there’s nothing else to think about, sitting alone drinking hot tea or coffee, I’ll just ponder on the memories!

    • Jordana says:

      It’s amazing what one little mug can mean to us, isn’t it? I, too, love the memories that are associated with them. They make my home just that much more personal.
      p.s. Like you and Shannon I have a set of mugs too – for guests. But sometimes guests prefer a cool white mug instead of one that matches my dish set. Go figure.

      • pernillenkl says:

        Hah, yeah, I find that people really do want to hear about the mugs we like most, even though a “stylish” set should be preferable. Guess matching everything isn’t really that important!

  3. the zhush says:

    I’m very partial to a white mug…and it must be super sized to boot!

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