Marketplace: West Elm + South Africa

If you can’t make it to South Africa…

photos by Mathilde

photos by Corie & Jeff

but crave a South African vibe in your living space…


then West Elm’s recent collaboration with South African designers and artisans might be just for you! The collection of ceramics, textiles, furniture and home accessories has been growing in popularity since it hit the marketplace just a little while ago. Some of my favourite pieces are white (duh!) and they are simple, structural and functional.

Mick Haigh oversize serving bowl, $63.09

Potter’s Workshop napkin set – black shields, $21.39

Ceramic Matters candleholder, $63.09

Anthony Shapiro pillar candleholders, $84.48-$105.87

Source dining chair, $212.81

Pedersen + Lennard hooks, $12.81

Note: All prices are in Canadian dollars. Some items are not available for international shipping.

Many thanks to Mathilde, Corie and Jeff for allowing me to use their photos from their trips to South Africa.


5 Comments on “Marketplace: West Elm + South Africa”

  1. I was just at their store yesterday and was amazed by the colorful collections of South African designers and pottery makers. This is by far the best West Elm collection I’ve ever seen… So many pieces I would add to my own space. Lovely shots!

    • Jordana says:

      The collection has received a lot of great reviews from bloggers, that’s forsure. I have yet to see any of the collection in person but friends who have seen it really quite like it. The colours (if you’re into colours, that is) really are quite beautiful! Did you buy anything Si?

  2. Silvia Del Rosso says:

    The collection is quite attractive.
    I particularly like the stand alone bathtub
    featured in one of the photos. Looks very
    elegant and sophisticated. Something I’m
    looking into for our main bath rennos.

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