The Friday Five: The Beauty of the Ampersand

Today I’m featuring a bit of typography…the simplicity and the interesting form of the ampersand to be exact. I have never been able to actually write it accurately (does anyone else have this problem?) but it does look pretty cool in various typefaces.

via The Proper Stranger

via Friends of Type

by Jude Landry

Helvetica ampersand print, $2.95, via BKS Design & Print

via Little Somethings

More ampersands here and here.

2 Comments on “The Friday Five: The Beauty of the Ampersand”

  1. ooh i LOVE ampersands … been thinking of getting one of these little beauties – Daisy

    • Jordana says:

      Hi Daisy!
      The ampersand world is a pretty new one to me. I am absolutely amazed with all the ampersand typography that people have created! The brooch is cute (white of course!). And I kind of just like saying the word ampersand. It’s a good one!
      Thanks for stopping by & leaving a comment!

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