I am so extraordinarily pleased to introduce you to White Cabana’s most marvellous contributors.


Johanne and Groseille

Johanne Durocher is a blogger and social networking startup extraordinaire with a weakness for food, gardening, and home entertaining. She writes and manages Fashion in Motion where her excitement about fashion brings together Canadian and international trend-spotting in an editorial-style publication. Johanne also works in the fashion industry consulting on user engagement marketing programs. By nature a colourful person, Johanne is delighted to join Jordana at White Cabana and explore the concept of a white world. Her favourite white thing is her fluffy white cat named Groseille.



Mackenzie joined White Cabana in November 2010 and she brings much enthusiasm and energy to this blog. Mackenzie’s interests include fashion, music and beauty. When she’s not working hard on her studies, she likes to travel (especially to beautiful beaches) and chill out with friends. This is Mackenzie’s first blogging experience and I hope she loves it here!



Troy is the founder of Caviar20, which is an incredible source for unique furniture, decorative objects, and art pieces. Troy and his team know the best auction houses, dealers, antique markets, and websites, locally and internationally, so you can bet that the items at Caviar20 are top notch. He is so incredibly knowledgeable about art, antiques and good design which makes me just ecstatic to see what he has in store for our readers.

One Comment on “Contributors”

  1. Denis says:

    Awesome! Looking forward to reading your posts (and seeing more pictures of the cat *wink).

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