20 Below: Christmas Ornament

If the shoe fits (on the tree)…

shoe ornament, $5, Urban Barn


DIY: Felt Ornaments

These DIY felt ornaments are some of the prettiest I’ve seen. Time to get crafty!

via The Purl Bee

Many thanks to Adrienne & Kate for sending these photos my way.

Holiday: Urban Barn Ornaments

Holidays are a-comin’. Is your tree decorated yet? If you’re looking for some extra sparkle & shine, perhaps you might consider some of the ornaments up for grabs at Urban Barn.

feather ornament, $3

horn ornament, $5

silver key curve ornament, $4.50

acrylic bird, $4

glitter duck ornament, $3

Halloween: Scary Skull Garland

Spook your visitors when you hang this scary skull garland outside your home.

scary skull garland, $10.50, Paper Source

Halloween: Pumpkin Bling

By far – the most perfect pumpkin for me:

via Pinterest

Party Pieces

I wonder how business has changed for the Middletons, owners of Party Pieces, since their daughter Kate became the Duchess of Cambridge.

Ivory lace cupcake wrapper, 5.99GPB pkt 12

white lace paper bunting, 6.99GPB

butterfly wedding wishes, 17.99GBP pkt 54

eco-friendly sky lantern, 3.49GBP

masquerade party masks, 3.99GBP pkt 6

I have a feeling business has improved.

The Friday Five: Scenes from at Home

For today’s Friday Five, I’m taking you inside my apartment.

1. I may one of the last people to own a land line. I know. But look how cool it is!

2. My milk glass collection never ends. The little one isn’t true milk glass but it’s cute.

3. These flowers, carved from wood, are from Easter Island. (Thanks Corie & Jeff.)

4. My ink blots. What do you see? (Apparently it’s a trend – look at what Christian from Maison 21 posted on Tumblr.)

5. Pussy willow branches are so pretty. I feel like it brings good luck too. These branches are from Easter but they’re still growing!

all photos by Jordana

Thanks for coming on this very mini house tour and thanks, as always, for dropping by White Cabana!

Have a wonderful weekend!

p.s. For the record, everything in the above photos is white – except for the ink blots (black) and pussy willow (brown) – but I liked how the photos turned out in black & white.