20 Below: Old School

Who’s ready for back-to-school season? (Ssshh…raise your hand.)

vintage class photograph, $8, via Modern Poetry


Marketplace: Fierce Deer

Last weekend I attended the Home County Folk Festival here in London. There’s a festival almost every weekend here in the city but I think Home County might just be my favourite. The music is great, the crowd is relaxed, and there are always some creative vendors. This year I was most attracted to the pretty jewelry and the lace and vintage window display at Fierce Deer, a Toronto-based shop owned by Kate Swan.

pretty white lace backdrops at Fierce Deer

the Fierce Deer earring collection displayed on lace-backed vintage windows

Fierce Deer necklace charms

pretty knobs (remember this post?) hold necklaces

silver-plated necklace

a cup full of charms that are used for custom design

a creative vintage display at Fierce Deer

it’s the details – like the consistent deer theme – that make this shop so charming

Kate’s white cat – brings the shop good luck!

what I walked away with – a tiny bear on a long chain necklace – a must for my menagerie

It was great to meet Kate and to explore her charming jewelry shop. If you’d like to see more – go on and visit Fierce Deer.

Photos by Jordana.

Art: Abstract and Affordable

It seems that we’ve got summer activities and art on our brains this week. I was browsing through the amazing work of some Etsy artists last night in hopes that I would find inspiration for the three blank canvases that are waiting for me (this was the last piece I painted – a year ago!). What do you think of the works I’ve gathered here?

$50, Adriane Duckworth

$280, Tainted Canvas

$325, Letter Happy

$260, Linda Monfort

$81, Lulu & Drew

Do you buy original art? Do you always have a budget?

Or, do you prefer to make your own?

20 Below: Funny Quote Art

This one made me laugh out loud.

print, $12.00, Ex Libris Paper Design

20 Below: Geometric Art

Looking for inexpensive artwork for your home? Have you checked out Etsy lately? There are some really great paintings and prints. This simple geometric print, for example, could go in so many different spaces, and it’s only $10!

Geometric Art, $10, Fat Eye Design

p.s. Speaking of art, if you have an interest in vintage posters you should definitely watch Troy‘s informative segment on House & Home Online TV.

Art: Simplicity

screenprint, $35, ConiLab

Yes. Yes I do. How about you?

20 Below: Lovely Words

I love this lovely poster from Beatrice, a crafty blogger and the owner of the Canadian Etsy shop Chocolat & Cherries. Sometimes simplicity is really the way to go.

poster, $15, Chocolat & Cherries

Happy Valentine’s Day!