54 Is Just a Number

My father turns 54 today and, like many people his age, he is constantly complaining about how “he’s getting so old”. Well, I believe that if you live your life to the fullest, acquire many interests, and just enjoy life there is no reason to complain about how old you are.

After all – your age is just a number!

To celebrate my dad’s birthday I’m sharing five things that my dad enjoys.




Pink Floyd – The Wall


Happy birthday Dad!




Celebration: Happy Belated Birthday Mackenzie!

Mackenzie celebrated an important birthday over the weekend…and I’m sure she is still celebrating for the rest of this week so I don’t feel so bad about the delay of this happy birthday post!

Clare Owen illustration

I’m so glad you’re part of the White Cabana team Mackenzie! Happy belated birthday!



Fashion: TOMS Shoes

Summer is here and so is the “it” shoe of the season.

TOMS white glitter classics, $65

The comfort and looks aren’t even the best part! With every pair of TOMS sold, the company will send a pair to a child in need.

Sounds like the perfect mix to me – help support a good cause while treating yourself!

Images courtesy of TOMS.

Me to We

On July 1st, I will be going to Kenya for three weeks this summer with my best friend Amanda to volunteer our time, love, and support. We will be part of the Me to We organization. While in Kenya we will be building schools, working with children, and working with others to create a change.

Me to We

Find out more at Me to We.

Happy Birthday Mackenzie!

It’s Mackenzie‘s birthday today! Hooray! I hope it’s full of glitter and fun!

Quartz Pinata-Silver, Confetti System

Washington: The White House

This month I will be going to Washington, DC for five days. I can’t wait to see all the sites, especially the White House.

The White House, a 19th century engraving

North lawn of the White House, 2007, photo by Scott Ableman

I’ll make sure to take a picture just like my mom did in 1984 so that one day my kids can do the same.

My mom at the White House, 1984


Update: Mackenzie is back from her trip to Washington and look – she recreated the photo of her mom. Isn’t it amazing? Like mother, like daughter.

Mackenzie at the White House, 2011



The TOYWATCH is the new big thing with all the celebs and I do have my eye on a few.

Plasteramic TOYWATCH, $225

As the end of the semester quickly approaches I think of how time is not on my side. Although, if I had a TOYWATCH on my wrist at least I would fly through time in style.