20 Below: Tunell Tissue Box

Malko Takagaki’s Tunell tissue box is functional and simply sleek.

Tunell tissue box, $14.95 (on sale), MOMA

Tea for (f)all

I drink tea all year and I actually like a hot cuppa even during the summer months. As a coffee-in-the-morning kind of gal, I find that making an herbal tea after lunch is a great alternative to caffeinating my thoughts all day long.

With the rise of tea`s popularity in recent years, there is far more variety and easy access to unique blends from far-away places than ever before.

Today I`m showcasing a few mugs that make tea time that much more quaint. These are also really easy to get your hands on (!) since they`re widely available at Chapers-Indigo and make a perfect, random, `thinking about you`gift for a friend, colleague or parent. They make a really sweet add-on to an online book order for curling up on quiet weekends this season.

Stoneware mug made in Portugal, $12

Scrabble mug, $12

Forest stoneware mug, $8

Owl mug, $16.50

Textured zen mug, $8

Aegean mug, $8

Monogram mug, $8

And now this is fantastic- the mug with a perfect-fit filter for loose tea (below). The lid doubles as a filter holder for when steeping is done. I have one of these and I love using it at the office.

Mug with lid and filter, $20

20 Below: Clear Tape Dispenser

This would certainly add more pretty to my desk, don’t you think? And it would match the pencil and card holders I already own from Mackenzie Horan’s online boutique Design Darling.

acrylic tape dispenser, $12

Technology: Hip iPhone Case

I think I might want this…

glasses iPhone cover, $14, 2020 Ave

but will it fit an iPhone 5?

Marketplace: Popsicle Paperweight

This one won’t melt…

marble and chromed brass paperweight, 40 Euro, Greece is for Lovers

20 Below: The Egg Slicer

To ease the work of slicing a hard boiled egg…

OXO Egg Slicer, $19.99

20 Below: Bath Mats

Aren’t these great Frenchie bath mats?

 Madame/Monsieur bath mats, $17.99 (small), Ballard Designs